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Clifton Group is a vertically integrated unit, producing a wide range of knit-based apparel from yarn to garment. We specialize in intimate apparel and prioritize unwavering quality, on-time shipments, and meeting brand demands to deliver the utmost value to our customers.

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Clifton Group’s production houses are equipped for comprehensive knit-based apparel manufacturing, spanning from yarn production to garment assembly. Specializing in intimate apparel, they prioritize quality and meeting brand demands.



"LEGGINGS" are close-fitting, typically ankle-length pants that are often made of stretchy material like spandex, nylon, or cotton. They are designed to be worn by women and are commonly used for exercise, casual wear, or as a fashion garment. Leggings usually cover the legs entirely and are known for their form-fitting nature and known as : Tights, Jeggings (a hybrid of jeans and leggings), Skinny pants, Trousers, Palazzo pants, Wide-leg pants, Flared pants, Straight-leg pants, High-waisted pants & Bootcut pants.

Push-Up Bra

Designed to lift and push the breasts together to enhance cleavage

Strapless Bra

Lifts the breasts to enhance cleavage and shape

T-shirt Bra

Seamless and smooth, designed to be invisible under tight or thin fabrics

Balconette Bra

Lifts the breasts to enhance cleavage and shape


A soft, lightweight, and typically unlined bra without underwire

Plunge Bra

Has a deep neckline, suitable for low-cut tops or dresses

Minimizer Bra

Designed to make the bust appear smaller

Convertible Bra

Comes with adjustable and convertible straps for different styles (can be worn as strapless, halter, criss cross, etc.) 

Bonded Bra

Adjusts stretch to form perfectly and comfortably to your body as you wear throughout the day 

Molded Bra

A single piece of fabric and has no seams through the middle of the cup

Crew Neck T-Shirt

A classic style with a round neckline

V-Neck T-Shirt

Similar to a crew neck but with a V-shaped neckline

Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Featuring a wider, rounded neckline

Henley T-Shirt

Characterized by a buttoned placket and a round neckline

Off-Shoulder T-Shirt

Designed to reveal the shoulders

Crop Top

A shorter style of t-shirt that ends above the waist

Longline T-Shirt

Longer than a typical tee, often covering the hips

Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

Featuring sleeves that extend to the collar in one piece

Graphic Tee

A t-shirt with printed or graphic designs

Athletic Shorts

Typically made from breathable materials and designed for ease of movement during sports or workouts.

Compression Wear

Tight-fitting garments like compression shirts, shorts, or leggings that provide muscle support and improve blood circulation during physical activity.

Sports Bras

Specifically designed for women, these provide support during athletic activities, usually made of moisture wicking materials.

Sportswear T-shirts

T-shirts designed for sports or workouts, often made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Sportswear A-shirts
Sports Jersey
Base Layers

Thin, snug-fitting garments worn underneath other clothing, providing warmth and moisture-wicking during  sports in colder conditions.

Yoga Pants/Leggings

Stretchy and form-fitting pants designed for yoga practice, but often used for various workouts due  to their comfort and flexibility

Athletic Socks

Socks designed to provide support, moisture-wicking, and cushioning during physical activity

Sportswear Hoodies

Hooded sweatshirts designed for sports or casual wear, often made of warm, comfortable  materials


Designed layered warmth under clothing

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Our clients consistently praise Clifton Group for exceptional quality, reliability, and exceeding
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Clifton Group proudly serves as the trusted partner for distinguished fashion brands, retailers, and wholesalers. Our esteemed clients rely on us for superior knit-based apparel, precision in craftsmanship, and on-time delivery. With a commitment to excellence, we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers in the dynamic world of fashion.
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